Video Production

I have produced many educational videos across my career. Below are a selected few. I am usually involved with the instructional design process from start to finish. I work with the instructional designers and SMEs to determine the needs assessment, the objectives of the training, the audience of the video, and help develop the outline and script. Once all that has been approved by the stakeholder team, I develop pre-production documentation, shot sheets, and film schedules. All the raw footage is then edited in Adobe Premiere, and any additional graphics or animations are produced and added to the final product.

All videos are designed with translations in mind. On-screen text is kept to a minimum to maximize Closed Captions in 12+ languages. Scripts are written with limited colloquial Enlgish phrases so as to optimize the translations process.

All content produced for various companies are under a variety of security protections, so I may not be able to show all work. Below are a select few projects that are available to the general population for viewing.

Industrial Plasma Gouging

In the industrial welding and cutting industry, there are many processes associated with equipment repair and fabrication, and a few processes that dominate the gouging market. In this short video, we will learn about the most common gouging technologies, and the differences between carbon arc gouging and plasma gouging in industrial applications.

Hypertherm XPR® X-Definition Plasma: 6-month check-up

Using the XPR Preventative Maintenance Manual, this short video will cover the steps that need to be taken to complete the XPR 6-Month Check and Coolant Change from the Maintenance Log provided in the manual. By performing the 6-month check, you may find small problems before they impact production. This helps to ensure good cut quality and longer problem-free operation.

HPRXD - Work Lead Inspection

This short video is a high level overview identifying work lead connections, cable inspection, and common issues related to poor work lead integrity- specific to HPRXD mechanized plasma systems installations.