eLearning has been a self-taught journey since I left college. My first employment opportunity at IIL allowed me to learn all about Instructional Design and eLearning Development while bringing their PMBasics course into the 21st century.

I specialize in Articulate 360 as I find Storyline is the most interactive, customizable rapid development tool I've used. I prefer to create stories within trainings to give learners a more engaging experience. Each module should have at least one activity, with some containing custom-made simulations. I do not build activities with built-in feautres for the sake of an activity. All interaction within a course is planned during the needs assessment phase to determine what the user needs to learn and what would be best for them to practice or display an understanding of that knowledge.

eLearning Projects

eLearning Motion Graphics Demo Reel


  • Motion Graphics Advert for IIL's UPMM and PIE Matrix. Tools: After Effects.
  • A small sampling from IIL's PMBasics Interactive On-Demand course. (total of 36 animations). Tools: Flash. Photoshop. After Effects.
  • A small sampling from IIL's CAPM Interactive On-Demand Course. (total of 16 animations). Tools: Flash, After Effects.
  • Motion Graphics technical illustration for an IIL presentation. Tools: After Effects.