A Sheep's Tale

This 2D-hand drawn, animated story is my Senior Thesis from the Rochester Institute of Technology. This was produced in two semesters, with some pre-production done prior to the start of my senior year.

A sheep herder isn't particularly pleased with his sheep. While constantly comparing the fluffiness of his herd to his neighbor, a mysterious man appears at his farm offering a magic solution to his problem. Will his greed and envy lead to his dream herd?

Film Recognition

  • Nomination for the RIT’s School of Film and Animation Honors Show 2012
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    May 2012




    These are the original storyboards to my thesis animation, "A Sheep's Tale." It has, of course, gone through many changes since then.

    Beat Boards

    These are the original beat boards to my thesis animation, "A Sheep's Tale." This was just an initial step in the early preproduction phase to set out the story quickly and efficiently.