Here are a variety of storyboards for different projects and film development in my college years. Most of my sotryboards were done on index cards, as I prefer the hands-on approach for art. However, I do understand the value of digital storyboard creation and the ease of converting that to animatics with the available software in the industry.

A Sheep's tale

These are the original storyboards to my thesis animation, "A Sheep's Tale." It has, of course, gone through many changes since then.

Beat Boards

These are the original beat boards to my thesis animation, "A Sheep's Tale." This was just an initial step in the early preproduction phase to set out the story quickly and efficiently.


These are the original storyboards to a 20-week animation project, called "Nacht." Perhaps my favorite film so far to board, I enjoyed focusing solely on the lights and shadows to make an interesting composition.

The Rescued Cow - Storyboard Sample

This was a 10 minute animatic completed in a college pre-production class, with about 5-weeks dedicated to storyboarding. To view the full boards, please download the .pdf. You may also view the animatic on YouTube.