Identifying Opportunities

This very extensive, choose-your-own adventure project was developed to address a common problem in the industry: missed sales opportunities in the plasma cutting environment. Many technical sales managers were having difficulty teaching their prospective regions the variety of topics to keep an eye on when visiting customer sites.

I was very heavily involved in the instructional design process from the beginning. We gathered a large team of global experts to discuss the objectives and desired impact of this course. The main project manager believed that a simple "tell them the information" course would be sufficient, but I insisted that this was more than an information dump objective. The goal was to change behavior, and therefore a more hands-on, simulation type of experience was needed to allow the users to try, fail, and succeed, while absobring the knowledge as they go.

In the end, this project consisted of multiple trips to a partnered customer who allowed us to observe, photograph, and film their operations. The course required a lot of coding, variables and triggers, animations, video editing, and illustration.




March 2018